1. Getting Started.
    1. Connecting to a Server
    2. Adding a Widget
  2. Chart Example Data Formats - Light / Dark / Pastel Themes
  3. sqlChart - Command Line SQL Chart generator
  4. Forms
    1. Simple Form Example - Taking user input to customize an SQL query
    2. Advanced Forms - Multiple Input Components and Dynamically specifying options
  5. Database Examples
  6. FAQ
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Getting Started

If you installed sqlDashboards for windows you can start it from the start menu, on linux/macs you should be able to make the jar executable and run it as long as you have java 1.6+ installed. (Click here for detailed instructions)

Connecting to a Server

When you first open sqlDashboards it will look like the image below.

  1. Click on the menu options Server->Add Server or on the add server button on the toolbar.
  2. Enter the server details and click add

sqlDashboards when first loaded server settings

Adding a Chart

Now that you have added a server.

  1. Click the "Add Chart" button
  2. Enter your query e.g. for kdb: ([] tt:asc 10?.z.t; a:asc 10?10; b:asc 10?10.0)
  3. Press the "Set Query" button and the widget area should be updated shortly with your graph.
Optionally select a different graph type or set the name of the chart by typing it into the "Title:" box and pressing enter.

sqlDashboards chart creation steps