Multiple Input Components

Adding an input component to a form.

Clicking on add components multiple times, will add a new component to the bottom of the form each time.

Within the list of components in the form editor, we can select the one we wish to edit. While selected we can use the up/down arrows to rearrange the input component order of the form and the delete button to remove that component.

Dynamic Options

You will have noticed when we select an input component, there is sometimes a query box where we can enter an SQL query. The first column of this query will be added as options to the list of values that a user can select. Here's an example of dynamically selecting the countries available from the database.

Specifying dynamic input options

key not found Error

If you are using a $ dollar symbol within your query you must escape it. The $ dollar symbol in sqlDashboards represents "keys" that are parameters filled in by forms. To escape a $ symbol, you should use two $$ dollar symbols which will then cause it to be interpreted as single dollar rather than an sqlDashboards key. If you are using a kdb database this is particularly common as $ is a common operator.