SqlDashboards is longer actively being maintained. It is in limited maintenance mode for existing customers only.
Pulse is the replacement. Pulse allows building interactive data tools fast.

sqlDashboards was originally released in 2013 and successfully helped many users create and share desktop dashboards for many years. HTML5, react and modern charting frameworks now allow building a much better solution. Pulse is that solution and provides a lot more functionality than sqlDashboards. We take this opportunity to thank our users for all their contributions over the years and we hope you will join us using Pulse.

Thanks for downloading sqlDashboards.

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zip/jar Instructions

If you cannot run .exe files or downloaded the .jar for linux/mac the instructions double clicking the .jar file should run the program. If it does not follow these steps:

  1. On linux/mac right click the .jar file, goto properties and set the checkbox "allow executing file as program". Or use sudo chmod +x sqldashboards.jar
  2. Try double clicking on the jar file.
  3. Its not working from the GUI let's try the command line:
    1. Make sure you have Java installed on your system. Check this by typing java -version into the command terminal. If you don't have java 1.6+, update it before proceeding.
    2. At the command terminal type java -jar sqldashboards.jar while in the same directory as sqldashboards.jar

sqlDashboards News:

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