SqlDashboards is longer actively being maintained. It is in limited maintenance mode for existing customers only.
Pulse is the replacement. Pulse allows building interactive data tools fast.

See: How to build a kdb+ Trader Dashboard using Pulse.

We are going to create a sqlDashboard to display both the latest stock prices and historical data as retrieved from a kdb+ database. Kdb+ is a specialised time series database particularly suited for storing and analysing tick data.

Creating a SQL Dashboard for the kdb+ Database

In this demo we:

  • Have a database that stores historical stock data and pulls the latest live prices from yahoo finance.
  • Add our database server to sqlDashboards
  • Add Chart Widgets
    • Time series graph of latest prices today for one particular stock
    • Candlestick chart of latest 60 days Historical Open High Low Close prices and volume for a single stock.
    • Time series graph of adjusted close price history since stock symbol was created.
  • Use forms to allow the user to select particular stocks