H2 is a small, fast database written in java that offers easy embedding, postgres compatible mode and the ability to run entirely in-memory databases. In this demo we'll demonstrate an sql dashboard that uses an H2 database to show live yahoo finance stock data in bar charts, time-series graphs and heat maps.

Real-Time H2 Database Charts

In this demo we:

  • Have an H2 database that stores historical stock data and pulls the latest live prices from yahoo finance.
  • Demonstrate one workspace that displays
    • Time-Series Chart of Historical stock data for adjusted closing prices
    • OHLC candlestick chart for the last 60 days
    • The latest graph for todays price movements
    • ...
  • Use forms to allow the user to select particular stocks

The same demo is available directly from within sqlDashboards as the software includes an embedded H2 database and a java process to grab the latest data from yahoo finance. To run it, download sqlDashboards then click launch Demo sqlDashboard

Launching the H2 database demo built-in to sqlDashboards by clicking the button