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Pulse – The new HTML5 based sql Dashboards

10+ Years ago, we released sqlDashboards. At the time we used what was the best and the most reliable charting library jfreecharts. It served us well for which we say a big thanks. Now it’s time to launch a new HTML5 based SQL dashboards. Pulse Pulse allows you to create and share real-time interactive dashboards […]

sqlDashboards 1.42 Released with Improved Sharing

1.42 is now release and available to download. The biggest change is that saved files will no longer have usernames/pasaswords stored in them. This is to allow sharing amongst a team. Now sqlDashboards stores one default login as part of the software and attempts to use that with any opened files. If the login does […]

sqlDashboards 1.41 Released

sqlDashboards 1.41 has been released and is available to download. Changes include: Support custom JDBC drivers and Authentication Services Fix refresh rate display bug when widget is selected Fix sqlchart.bat to allow running from any current path The custom JDBC/security has been asked for a couple of times but it’s inclusion at this stage is […]

sqlDashboards 1.40 Released

SqlDashboards 1.40 has been released and can now be downloaded. Major changes include: Allow user specified refresh rates Speed optimization to prevent chart redraws when query result unchanged. Added built-in demo for MySQL Fixed sd_ column prefix case bug Fix UTF-8 bug on saving .das files. Fixed sqlChart watermark bug on linux

Real-Time Charting of Electrical Sensor Data

Let’s look at how we can display real-time and historical sensor data for Household Electrical usage using sqlDashboards. The historical data is taken from the UCI Machine Learning Repository. This is a single CSV file with 1 minute readings between December 2006 and November 2010. i.e. The Sensor Data Sql Dashboard Time Series Data Format […]


I came across this interesting post on ASCII pie charts for MySQL. I thought I’d use our command line tool sqlChart todraw the database pie chart instead. [raw] c:\Program Files (x86)\TimeStored.com\sqlDashboards>mysql -s mysql -u root –password=pp -D sakila -e “SELECT * FROM (SELECT table_name,data_length + index_length AS size FROM information_schema.TABLES WHERE table_schema = ‘sakila’) a […]